Welcome to the official RELA website.

            RELA is a language I'm working on to solve most of the problems with English. In English, there are words that sound the same, are spelled the same, have the same meaning, etc. In RELA there will be no such things. In English, you cannot always tell how to pronounce a work by looking at it. Some letters have multiple or similar sounds, not to mention many English words break the standard rules of pronunciation. In RELA, all letters can only be pronounced one way. Two vowels in RELA are "impure" vowels, or a combination of other vowels slurred together to sound unique. I did this for clarity, however, since some pure vowels sound similar and will often be confused by people who are used to English. In RELA, there is a straightforward layout of a sentence, and the letter of each word tells you what part of speech it is, both of which make grammar hugely simpler, easier, and efficient. There is a 30,000 letter word in English that I'm not going to type here, but there are many more also that are far too long, such as pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis. In my language, most if not all words will be only 4 letters. If more word combinations are needed (over 20,000 are possible with 4 letters), longer words will be made. This language is not intended for detailed scientific discussion, but there will be enough to say almost anything you would need to. The best part, however, is that if you need a new word you need only send the meaning and spelling to me and it will be added to the dictionary. That's another thing... no person knows and no dictionary hold all the words of English, but there will be a dictionary with every RELA word, and someone might practically memorize them all. The grammar, punctuation (6 punctuation symbols with single sound names for easier dictation), and letters have all been set up, but I am still working on the words list. Oh yes, one other great feature of my language: It can be communicated many ways; it can be hand signaled, spoken, written, typed in English fonts, transmitted via a binary system of flashes, beeps, or any other binary means of communication, or expressed by 10 base numbers. A symbol chart will be available for download here eventually.

RELA and the information and ideas on this webpage are (C)2001, Thomas Davidson.

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