AL Evolver 2
    AL Evolver 2 features a very different form of life than the original. This life form consists of two parts: brains and pods. The brains randomly devise processes of actions and commands, and then associate them with various conditions and events that they can detect. The pods contain food, water, poison, biomatter (used to make new pods), poison, or any combination of those, and follow or relay orders sent to them, after which they send a signal back to the brain that ordered it returning any available informaiton or whether or not it was successful. Brains control all pods that are adjacent to them or one of their controls pods and do not already have 6 owners. This program is intended to be used to to create a large number of brains, the last one to survive being a "winner" of sorts, which can be put against new brains. Eventually a brain should be formed which has actually made good descisions and can reasonably respond to anything, which can be saved and enjoyed for a long time. It is possible to save the entire environment and all brains and pods in it, or just a brain. Screenshots and explanations of how to use the files it saves for artificial intelligence will be posted here eventually

AL Evolver 2 and the information and ideas on this webpage are (C)2001, Thomas Davidson.

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