This Résumé is provided for informational purposes. 


Computer Lab Assistant

University of South Alabama
Mobile, Alabama
Assisted computer science students with class problems. Keyed and tested programs for University staff. Most work was done in FORTRAN on IBM System/360. 

Graduate Assistant

Clemson University
Clemson, South Carolina
Duties included teaching undergraduate Calculus course, and programming for the University's Division of Information System Development. Work involved the use TSO, TCAM, ISAM, VSAM, BDAM, with coding in COBOL and System/370 assembler. Wrote TCAM-based telecommunications monitor, application code, security systems and Assembler Macros to generate IBM 3270 data streams. 

Systems Analyst & Director of Data Processing

Appalachia II District Health Department
Greenville, South Carolina
During my tenure here I performed programming and analysis to move Agency data processing from a service bureau to an in-house computer system. This included writing equipment specifications and participating in the competitive bid process. Specific accomplishments included writing a new Vital Records system, parts of a multi-phasic screening system, a complete package to emulate IBM 3270 terminals, printers and controllers on a Prime computer. I wrote various components for Patient records and third-party billing information systems, primarily in the COBOL language with some coding in RPG, and Prime Macro Assembler. 
Other duties included supervision of Computer Operations, Data Entry and Programming. 
Experience with IBM System/370 computers, RJE, Prime Computers, mark-sense devices and various terminals including the IBM 3270 series. 

Vice President Development

QS Technologies (formerly Q. S., Incorporated)
Greenville, South Carolina
Direct responsibility for programming division of an industry-leading, national software company including managing programming and systems analysis staffs at two locations. Technical tasks included design and coding of information systems for Public Health, Governmental Accounting, Electric Utility Accounting (including major project for the U. S. Depart of Energy for distributed transaction processing), Trucking and Guest Reservation systems. Wrote the company's General Ledger product as well as numerous components of the Public Health including Pharmacy, state-wide reporting systems. Participant in national and regional conferences on statewide Immunization registries including the design of the Tennessee statewide system. 
Experience with Prime Computers, IBM System/36, IBM AS/400 (since before general availability), IBM RISC/6000, Digital Alpha, PC, Pen Computers, Barcode and scanners, LAN, Internet firewalls, touch screen and other specialized hardware. Operating systems: Primos, OS/400, Unix, AIX, Windows 95/NT, MVS/CICS and Netware. Languages: COBOL, PL/1, Delphi, HTML. Experience with APPC coding, TCP/IP, Web Site management. Databases: Oracle, Paradox, DB2/400 and SQL Server.


1998 to present
QS Technologies, Inc.
Greenville, South Carolina; Norcross, Georgia
Direction of an industry-leading, national software company.

Worked with design and specifications for the company's new Vital Records product. Participated in the Centers for Disease Control Immunization Registry HL7 Task Force, and the development of the company's web-based Immunization Registry product. Participated in the National Association for Public Health Statistics and Information Systems (NAPHSIS) Fraud Committee. Directed the company's HIPAA compliance effort.

Expertise developed on Windows 2000 and XP, Borland Delphi, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft IIS, ISAPI, HL7, sockets programming, web design and web applications development.

Authored several white papers on health management information systems including "Practical Ways to Reduce the Cost of Health Software Procurement" published by the APHA Health Management Section Winter 2002 Newsletter, "An HL7-Centric Immunization Registry" workshop given at the 3rd Annual Immunization Registry Conference in 2002 and co-authored the HTTPS HL7 Transport Specification for use by Immunization Registries to exchange messages.


Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

University of South Alabama
Mobile, Alabama

Charter member of the student chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). Manager of Baptist Student Center. Graduated Magna Cum Laude. 
Publication: "Explosion Point Characterization Theorem" in The Journal of Undergraduate Mathematics

Master of Science in Mathematics

Clemson University
Clemson, South Carolina
Graduate Assistant. Officer in student chapter of the ACM. 

Professional Organizations