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If you are looking for a Windows XP driver for your D-Link DCF-660W card, scroll to the bottom of this page.

I bought a D-Link wireless networking card and I emailed their support group to ask if there was an Windows XP Driver available for it. Here is the email exchange, believe it or not:

Me: Do any of your drivers for Windows XP support the DCF-660W? The CD-ROM splash page says "Works with XP" but I couldn't find out how. I would be using a compact flash to PCMCIA adapter.

D-Link: The CD that comes with this particular product should already have the drivers for WinXP on the CD. There is a downloadable version of the drivers on our website right now too at:


Follow the link for the WinXP drivers site to download and install the downloaded drivers.

Me:  I went to that web page you cited. There were drivers for Windows CE and Pocket PC, but not for Windows XP. There is an XP link but that just returns a copy of the Quick installation instructions. The CD didn't have anything that looked like Windows XP drivers. There was a setup program, but that only appears to install Windows CE/Pocket PC drivers.

D-Link: Try using the drivers for Win 2000.

Me: I would be most pleased to try your suggestion of using Win 2k drivers, but your web site doesn't show any Win 2k drivers for the DCF-660W.

D-Link: According your problem described to us, here is our recommend solution:

the drivers can be found on this site.

Me: [expletive deleted] I asked for Windows XP drivers for the DCF-660W

You sent me to a web site that doesn't have XP drivers.

I write you and say there are no XP drivers on that page.

You tell me to use the Win 2K drivers -- but you don't have any Win 2k Drivers

I write you and say there are no Win 2k Drivers.

You tell me to go the same page you told me the first time I asked (that has no XP drivers).

D-Link: first of all if you want complete support on your product you need to tell us which  product that you are using, then we can determine if it is even compatible with xp, if you can not find drivers on support.dlink.com or ftp://ftp.dlink.com then maybe it is not comaptible with dlink

I wonder what part of DCF-660W they didn't understand. There were no Windows Drivers for my card at the FTP site.

Two things happened after I published this web page:

First I emailed every contact person at D-Link I could find, telling them about the sorry service and that I had documented everything in this web page. I got one reply which basically said, for XP drivers visit the same page they said before. I did; there wasn't.

The second thing that happened was that two folks (most excellent and worthy persons) who found this web page wrote to me pointing to Windows drivers for the 660W, one on the D-Link Korean web site and the other to a new file that appeared at the US FTP site. I am pleased to report that I got the card up and running under Windows XP.

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