Here are some of the things people have said about my Religion Articles. I did not make this up. The material is cut and pasted from e-mail, so any typos are in the originals. No senders names will ever be included without permission. All of these folks received a personal reply (not included here).

R. F. Wrote:

After reading your bio I believe you would make Satan a great PR man.With so many thinking errors and blame shifting I'm surprised your not a politician. Or are you......

[when asked about blame shifting, R. F. replied}

"Knowing that the Bible could be tampered with made it much simpler to deal with the issues of Evolution vs Creation, the Great Flood, and Jonah being swallowed by the whale. I couldn't tell anybody what I thought, but it helped me." [exerpt from my web page]

Kevin your whole bio is an exercise in escapism and error concerning issues of God and his church. The bible says: Luke 11:9 And I say unto you, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. (KJV)

From reading your bio I don't believe you even bothered to get out of your easy chair (See picture at top of your webpage) to get a drink of water, let alone search with all your heart: Jer 29:13 And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart. (KJV)

And so It seems you've found a home among those of like mind. The ELCA is a good choice for you. After reviewing their site I can say Its a good example of a progressive, modern church. But here, read about 1st century version of the ECLA :Matt 23:27 Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men's bones, and of all uncleanness. (KJV)

M. H. Wrote:

Just wanted to mention that I dropped by and read your article, "God will preserve his word: The KJV controversy." I hope that many people who are involved in this controversy will stop by to read this article. I had read most of the contents in other studies, but I appreciate the way you put it together. I loved the discussion on Erasmus and this comment: "While the work of Erasmus was very significant in his own time, I would no more rely on his Greek New Testament than I would rely on a 16th century dentist to have my teeth drilled." It is good to laugh "when we can" about this issue, because it is certainly tearing apart the body of Christ on a most basic level.

I would love to meet you sometime on the internet to discuss this issue further. Respond to this email if you can and we can set up a time. I am currently using ICQ if you are familiar with it. Do a search on my email address and we can chat via ICQ or IRC sometime.

God bless and thanks for the breath of fresh air!

R. R. Wrote:

Just visited your home page for the first time. Excellent. I read several of your Articles and Essays on Religion and although I'm more conservative in my theology, I found them delightful, well thought through, and apparently well researched (I'll be checking)!

Thanks for a very useful site. I'll be returning in the future to see what you're up to.

E. B. Wrote:

Very nice web page and good arguments!


R. B. Wrote:

You know that back in the '60s the pyschiatric community was starting to proclaim there was no difference between men and women. Confusion. God is not the author of confusion. Think about it, if you dare. The Bible says a great many things. It takes God's wisdom to truly understand the Bible. Everything isn't revealed or explained in the Bible.

There are many today that believe homosexuality is good or at least there is nothing wrong with it, notwithstanding the terrible price the average homosexual has to pay in terms of a much shortened life span, a very great chance of getting aids or other venereal diseases, loss of one's soul. What the hell. Then you come along in your infinite wisdom and come up with this modern psycho bable.

Thank you for interpreting the Bible for us and calling our forefathers, in so many words, a bunch of idiots. People don't change, if you hadn't noticed. We all face the same challenges that people have always faced. Technology doesn't change that. Nothing is new today. It's the same today as in Noah's day and as Christ has told us, it will be the same as in Noah's day when he returns again.

What ignorant pride you have in your lofty ideals. How confused. Why not just toss out the Bible and the wisdom of God and his message. We can put you on the throne Oh Holy One. You will guide us with your infinite wisdom.

Yeah, that will be the day!

and again:

How many chapters of Job were devoted to the ravings of a handfull of fools. I suppose so much space was devoted to this wordly wisdom so that God could tell Job that he and his buddies were full of shit and didn't have a clue about what they were talking about.

You're wasting your time with this intellectual clap trap about facts and authorities and this other non-sense. You either believe or you don't. If you put your faith in man or in any one church system, you're in trouble. That's the long and short of it.

If a person truly is a christian they know Who the authority is and they know the Bible is the Word of God, as much as He desired to tell us in His infinite wisdom. That's it.

No one has ever been able to disprove the Word of God. The few that have seriously and objectively tried end up believing because that is the only true answer.

To hell with all this theological crap and PHD's and people that graduated from here or there. There job, if they are Christians, is to spread the Gospel and lead people to it. Not develop there own wordly theories.

The wisest human I've ever heard speak is Billy Graham. When asked difficult theological questions he gives the most truthful answer (he must have understood what God said to Job) - "I don't know."

Maybe that's what you should say when you don't know the answer. Point them to the One who does have the answer and if He wants them to know, then He will let them know. Seek and you will find, right? But if you seek in the wrong places, put your trust in men, knock on the wrong doors, all you get is a little bit of truth mixed with a lot of confusion.

J. A. Wrote:

I've appreciated some of your articles so much, I've made copies for future reference. I've even sent some to my father who is basically an atheist-agnostic, depending on the day!:-) A year ago my husband and I had a very painful confrontation with our pastor over the treatment of people in the church. Since we were the main greeters and dearly loved the people coming in, we were also aware of the unnecessary mishandling of situations that require good communication skills. The attempt to help this young man to see the problem failed on three different occasions. In fact we ended up being the "worst trouble makers in the church", others were told this too. We were told we had hurt people, although we could get no names from him to rectify these situations and make any apologies, if needed. This last year has been a time of reevaluating what I believe! I thank God that I was now able to question things I had always been expected to accept. Your article's have helped me realize I can still believe in God and live by the moral principle I believe in and still question what appears contradictory in the Scriptures, such as the inerrancy of the Bible. I see many pastors using and even twisting Scripture to support their need of money as well as power, what an injustice. Have you looked at tithing? An old testament requirement, in fact if we were to keep this, we need to set aside 23%. I finally found material just out on the internet by two brothers who wrote "Beyond Tithes and Offerings" by Michael L. Webb and Michell T. Webb. ( On Time Publishing, Giving under grace is one thing, under compulsion and guilt another. Food for thought here! Anyway thanks for bringing some sanity and thinking back into Christian faith, at least mine. I'm not sure when I'll be able to step foot back into a church or trust another pastor, but I still believe, now knowing more of the facts. I can say my faith is more real. Very liberating!!!

P and J wrote:

I'm sure that you thought you were being funny or cute but the times that we are in are very serious and it does'nt need your type of humor if you had a serious bone in your body why not do it constructively.... you must be a screaming liberal that thinks everyone else that believes in conservatism is a radical...well if I'm a radical about Jesus and satanic problems then what does that make you????? I believe that this country has a serious morality problem and Clinton is a prime example of that very fact and anyone who defends his actions has problems also....and of course this is just my opinion but I DO KNOW MANY OTHERS THAT FEEL THE SAME....ENOUGH COMMENTS FROM ME MAY GOD BLESS YOU ANYWAYS...

C. A. wrote:

How wonderful to find another person who also finds truth by seeking and asking!

Although I find the Bible a good "guide" I do not find it to be a correct "map"!
I am bothered by inconsistencies, lapse of time relating to changes in interpretation, and I feel that too many ppl want to keep God imprisoned in that little black book! They refuse to see Him as capable of speaking today. They only want to relate to a God of the past. Sad for me. I like to find God in many things. I find that He is still here and still teaching...if we are open & seek...and listen!

V. B. wrote:

Just thought you might want to know that an Excite search for "TULIP 'John Calvin'" brings your "I prefer roses" page up as number one. As a Lutheran with just enough Calvinist exposure to be puzzled, I was looking for a brief definition of the acronym and got a well written yet succinct discussion from your page. Thanks for making your views and life experience available to all. While I land more on the conservative / confessional side of Lutheranism I admire your openness. I think many will benefit from your life story.

God's blessing be on you in your Christian walk.

KW wrote:

Your study was excellent and cleared up the misconceptions that some Protestants encounter. I have great respect for Luther's work and can now study them in this light you've brought forward.

Prof B wrote:

I teach Bible at [deleted] College. Last month I assigned my class (mostly freshmen) to do an exegetical study of any passage of their own choosing from the Gospels.

Naturally, when the papers came in I read them and check their references. One of the papers used your web page as a reference. I gave him a good lecture about evaluating sources for an academic paper - in which case your web-pages do not qualify. But I also had to e-mail you to say that you have one of the most delightful
pages I've run across. I love your collection of Jokes (meaning: "Your sense of humor is compatible with my own."), and I appreciate your articles and essays on religion. ...

D A wrote:

I am enjoying your web pages. I especially liked the Bible timeline. I learn better with visual aids. Your bumper sticker religion page was funny.

Kevin ()

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